Genocide Perpetrators' Confessions


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Title:Genocide Perpetrators' Confessions
Sequence:4 of 6
Abstract:The Gacaca Court testimonies of perpetrators of the Genocide Against the Tutsi were recorded by the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Kigali, Rwanda. The testimonies are confessions given by prisoners which reveal the horrible atrocities committed against innocent people during the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi and detail the way that victims were tortured and killed. Finally, the genocide perpetrators offer apologies to the survivors, Rwandan society and the Government of Rwanda for their crimes. The proceedings are in Kinyarwanda.

Continues from Part 3 of the Genocide Perpetrators' Confessions.

Continues with Part 5 of the Genocide Perpetrators' Confessions.

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We Indirectly Killed a Man
We Killed Two Unknown Tutsis
Assaulting Many Families as We Searched for Tutsis
A Soldier Publicly Shot a Woman to Set an Example
We Had to Drown Victims Just to Save Bullets
Drowning a Man by Putting Heavy Stones in his Coat
Killing a Priest
Drowning Little Children Alive Because of Their Tutsi Origins
Killing a Man and Looting His Property
A Manhunt in the Forest
Bleeding a Victim Dry
Killing a Woman and Two Children with Clubs and Throwing Their Bodies into the River
Eating the Cows of the Tutsis was Exciting
The Army Shot Victims to Encourage More Killings
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Makuza (Ordinary Person)
Musabyimana Sosthène (Killer)
Murekezi, Kalimunda (Killers)
Mukakimenyi (Ordinary Person)
Elias (Killer)
Byandagara Edouard (Killer)
Lieutenant Zimurinda (Killer and Former Soldier)
Nyirigira, Claudien, Nyakana, Reberaho (Victim)
Mahigirane, Karasira, Kagande (Killers)
Munyakazi (Killer)
Mujyambre Evariste (Killer)
Munyankindi Anastase (Victim)
Hitimana Viateur, Basesa, Tugirimana (Killers)
Ngarambe (Killer)
Priest Ruzigana (Victim)
Karonkano, Rwankampuhwe, Ancille (Killers)
Dushime (Killer)
Karera (Killer)
Kanimba Athanase (Killer)
Alphonse, Charles (Killers)
Gasasira's son (Victim)
Ntibimenya (Killer)
Ntahobari (Killer)
Gratien (Killer)
Mukarunyange (Victim)
Rugigana (Killer)
Priest Buruge (Religious Leader)
Lieutenant Kleber (Killer and Former Soldier)
Runiga, Alexandre, Makuza (Victim)
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Kirwa Sector, Nyamivumu Cellule, former Nyakabanda Commune, Muhanga District
Kibirira Commune
Nyabarongo river
Gatumba Sector
Buringa Commune
Gitumba Sector
Rusebeya Cellule, Nyabinoni Sector
Ndusu District, Ruhengeri
Gataraga Cellule
Kizinga Cellule
Kagogwe Sector, Gasovu Sector
Ramba Commune, Gaseke Commune
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