A testimony of Vénuste Hakizamungu

Mark Segment
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View Topics 
  •  Family life 
  •  Education background 
  •  Professional training 
  •  Family home 
  •  Political parties 
  •  Helping people 
  •  Aid giving decisions 
  •  Rescue discussions 
  •  Religious beliefs 
  •  Rescue decisions 
  •  Hiding people 
  •  Anti-aid giver attacks 
  •  Aid giver-aid recipient relations 
  •  Gacaca courts 
  •  Aid giver-aid recipient relations 
  •  Social relations 
  •  Future message 
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Table of contents 
  •  Aid giver introductions 
  •  Pre-genocide experiences
  •  Political parties 
  •  Genocide experiences
  •  Hiding people 
  •  Hiding people 
  •  Anti-aid giver attacks 
  •  Food acquisition 
  •  Flight assistance 
  •  Aid giving reflection 
  •  Post genocide experiences
  •  Aid giver-aid recipient relations 
  •  Gacaca courts proceedings 
View People 
  •  Hakizamungu Venuste 
  •  Rukebesha Antoinne 
  •  Nakabonye Marie 
  •  Cyubahiro 
  •  Uwambajemariya 
  •  Habineza Bosco 
  •  Pasteur Deo 
  •  Munezero Jafet 
View Places 
  •  Mukura 
  •  Gaseke 
  •  Huye 
  •  Nkubi 
  •  Rango A 

Identifier mike:IBUKA00012
Title:A testimony of Vénuste Hakizamungu
Description:Vénuste Hakizamungu shares his experiences before, during and after the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. He contributed to the survival of people in Huye District. The testimony is given in Kinyarwanda, with English transcript and subtitles available.
Source:Genocide Archive of Rwanda
Media format:mini-DV tape
Time period:Rwanda 1973 (5 July) - 1994 (6 April)
Repository:Genocide Archive of Rwanda

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