Library Services


The archive’s library holds over 1,000 items including books, journals, magazines and articles relating to genocides that have occurred around the world. It is multi-language collection, though the majority of items are in English.

The library in managed by the same team that runs the physical archive. Their daily tasks include:

  • Assisting researchers to find the information they are looking for
  • Helping users to access the library’s books and magazines
  • Providing guided tours of the library and physical archive
  • Ensuring the archive is properly organised, up-to-date and easily accessible.
  • Shelving books according to their call numbers and keeping an inventory of its collection
  • Cataloguing incoming books according to the Dewey decimal classification system
  • Conducting bibliographic searches and retrievals
  • Circulation and book lending monitoring
  • Cleaning and preserving received donations such as photographs, documents, audio-visuals and artefacts related to the genocide
  • Controlling the environment of the physical archive room with regular checks of temperature and humidity stability, to prevent chemical deterioration of the physical archive materials

The archive library also includes a viewing space with computers for visitors, researchers and students to aid them with their research.