Education Films Production

The archive team supports local peace-building and reconciliation programmes around the country by providing access to its collections. These collections are used to create documentary films for education programmes.

The archive provides content for documentary films that highlight key facts and evidence about the history, preparation and execution of the genocide against the Tutsi. They also feature elements of the consequences of genocide and post-genocide reconstruction efforts. Every film is scripted to convey a message that triggers critical thinking for the audience, especially students. The objective is for viewers to learn and interact by making individual and collective decisions to prevent violence and to promote peace-making and peace-building.

Over the last four years, the Genocide Archive of Rwanda has produced many documentary films such as:

  • Not on my watch
  • Our future lost
  • Hoping for a home
  • Our memory our future
  • Dreams of the future
  • Words that kill
  • Two hills
  • Messages of hope
  • Evolution of peace education
  • Heart of the matter
  • Ubumuntu (a film about rescuers)

The archive also houses documentary films produced by local and international organisations and film makers engaged in preventing crimes against humanity and promoting peace-building initiatives.

We encourage professionals in the field of film development to contribute to the Genocide Archive of Rwanda’s collections by donating materials.