Read through magazines published locally and internationally related to the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. these range from genocide propaganda to the political crisis in Rwanda and the genocide itself.

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Another Congo?
In this article published on 29 June 1962, it is said that Rwanda lived under the constant threat of massacres, given the dispute between the Bahutu and the Watutsi.
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Bodies in the Lake
This article reveals that the genocide started in the 1990s, when Tutsi were killed and thrown into river Rusizi.
Cooptation Politique à l'envers Les Legislatives De 1988 Au Rwanda
This article talks about the parliamentary elections held on 26 December 1988 in Rwanda under the Second Republic.
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Down to Size
An article in the “Times Magazine” describing the post-colonial period in Rwanda.
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Habyarimana Yuvenali Nave Inyuma Y'izi Mvururu Niba Abyanze Afatwe Afungwe Amahoro Agaruke
In this article, Africa Janvier request President Juvénal Habyarimana to stop violence committed by Interahamwe (Hutu paramilitary organisation) and soldiers, if not he would be incarcerated.
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Hope and Realities
This article describes how African dreams of independence became a horrible nightmare in execution.
La Solution Finale Du Préfet De Kibuye
In the magazine "Le Figaro" of 5 July 1994, the journalist Patrick de Saint-Exupéry talks about stories told by residents from the former prefecture of Kibuye, where the Prefect planned and oversaw the killing of thousands of Tutsi and Hutu opponents.
Rwanda: L'honneur Perdu De La France
Articles published by Mehdi ba talking about France’s complicity in the genocide against Tutsi.
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Rwanda: Les Assassins Racontent Leurs Massacres
In the magazine “Figaro” of 29 June 1994, Patrick de Saint-Exupéry talks about stories told by Hutu perpetrators who boasted about killing Tutsis.
THE NEW, INDEPENDENT AFRICA: A Long Way from Modern Civilization
In this article published on 3 August 1962, the center of the discussion was the independence of some African countries and their economic and social problems.