Read through correspondences such as letters, memos, and emails related to the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. These were exchanged between national, regional and international organisations, governments and non-governmental organisations.

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Amasasu. Alliance des Militaires
A letter to the President of the Republic of Rwanda in which Commander Mike Tango, the leader of Alliance Military Annoyed by Tricky Secular Acts of Unaristes (AMASASU), announcing the birth of her alliance, explaining the reasons for their existence and their objective.
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Attentat contre les Présidents du Rwanda et du Burundi
A note addressed to the President of the Republic of France, providing details on the situation in Rwanda and Burundi, just after the death of Presidents of the two countries as well as other people on board were killed in the attack against the presidential plane .
Auto Defense De La Population
A letter from Colonel Déogratias Nsabimana, in which he presented the proposals of the meeting held on September 26, 1991 Ngarama about the population self-defense.
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Correspondance du Président par intérim du Rwanda, Dr Théodore Sindikubwabo
A note addressed to the President of the Republic of France telling him about the phone call from the Rwandan acting president, Dr. Theodore SINDIKUBWABO and the situation on the front line where the power balance was increasingly in favor of the RPF.
Directives Du Premier Minister Aux Préfets Pour L'organisation D'auto Defense Civile.
A communication from the Prime Minister Jean Kambanda giving guidelines to all province governors on recruitment and training of civilians for them to ensure their safety of those around them so that no enemy could infiltrate or escape.
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Entretien Avec Le Chef De L'Etat Intérimaire Du Rwanda 1
A communiqué on discussions held with the head of the interim government of Rwanda,Théodore Sindikubwabo, about Arusha negotiations.
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Entretien du Président de la France avec M.Léotard
A note addressed to French President containing the minutes of the meeting he had with Mr. Leotard to the situation in Rwanda.
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Entretien du Président français avec le premier Ministre sur le Rwanda et l'Ex-Yougslavie
A note to the President of the Republic of France in which there is discussion held by the french president and the prime minister on the situation of the EX- Yugoslavia and Rwanda in terms of diplomatic and military levels.
Execution Des Directives De Premier Ministre Sur L'auto Défense Civile
A communication from Edouard Karemera, Minister of Interior and Communal development, recalling all the province governors the instructions of the Prime Minister on the national security restoration, the role of each member of the administration, and public awareness on importance of setting the road blocks and the use of all available weapons.
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Federation Internationale des droits de l'Homme
A letter from Mr Stanislas Mbonampeka, Minister of Justice, requesting assistance for the creation of an International Commission of Inquiry on violations of human rights from the International Federation of Human Rights Paris- France .
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Has Genocide Occurred in Rwanda”, May 21, 1994
Memo showing the internal debate over whether genocide was occurring in Rwanda in 1994 and US officials’ use of the term.
Instructions to Restore the Security
A communication in which the prime minister Kambanda gives instruction to all governors:organizing security meetings where concrete mesures must be taken and executed in order to ensure the prefectural safety. Therefore, all national administration repesentatives and army should be involved.
Invitation to a Meeting in Kibuye with the Prime Minister.
A meeting organized by the prime minister Kambanda in order to meet with all local administration representatives and discuss with them the security matters in the area.
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Lettre De Munyazesa Faustin Donnant Instructions a Tous Les Prefets.
Letter to the Minister of Interior and Communal Development, Faustin Munyaneza giving instructions to local authorities, to urgently take action and implement necessary measures to ensure the restoration of security in their provinces and the population should also get involved.
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Lettre Ouverte à Sa Sainteté Le Pape Jean-Paul II
This is a correspondence letter written by the African Rights organisation to the Pope John-Paul II, explaining to him the nature of the undergoing investigations on the 1994 genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda, and its consequences since 4 years by then.
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Lettre de Dr Théodore Sindikubwabo, addressée au Préfet de Byumba
Letter from Dr. Théodore Sindikubwabo, president of National council of development, addressed to the prefect of Byumba. This letter is intended to request an allocation of a donation to Miyove refugees.
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Nouvelle offensive Ougando- Tutsie
A note addressed to the President of the French Republic announcing to him of a new Ugandan-Tutsi offensive in northern Rwanda, and the problem in adapting their military contingent binding it closely with their diplomatic efforts.
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Opération de Ratissage à Kibuye.
A message from Edouard Karemera, Minister of Interior and Communal Development, to the Operational Commander of Gisenyi. It communicates the government decision to support the group of police to conduct, with the help of the population, the operation of raking Bisesero sector which became a sanctuary of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (FPR).
Protection Civile De La Population.
A letter from Dr. Clement Kayishema, prefect of Kibuye, informing all mayors the urgency to recruit and train groups of people who will ensure the protection of civilians.
Resolution 955 Adopted by the Security Council.
A document containing the resolution 955 adopted by the Security Council at its 3453rd meeting reaffirming all its previous resolutions on the situation in Rwanda.
Rosier Le Page
Letter of correspondence between Colonel Rosier and Gaël Le Page on the situation of Rwanda.
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Rwanda-Burundi: Situation après la mort des deux Présidents
A note addressed to the President of the French Republic informing him the confused situation in Kigali after the death of Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana and Burundian Cyprien Ntaryamira.
Rwanda: Entretien du président français avec M. Léotard sur le plan politique Rwandais
A note addressed to the President of the French Republic in which there is his interview with Mr. Leotard more particularly on Rwanda, the situation diplomatically and militarily.
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Rwanda: Les massacres se déroulent avec une ampleur horrifiante
A note addressed to the President of the Republic of France, informing him of the situation in Rwanda deteriorating, the UN inactive site but also a possible reaction from France to bring a solution involving all countries great Lakes region.
Rwanda: Mission de Bernard Kouchner
A note addressed to the President of the Republic of France, which the subject was the evacuation of Mr. Bernard Kouchner, who was on a mission to Rwanda after he fails to evacuate orphans.
Rwanda: Point de situation
A note addressed to the President of the Republic of France, on the situation in Rwanda and the result of their military assistance, especially with regard to the training of Rwandan forces.
Rwanda: Presence de missiles sol-air
A note addressed to the President of the French Republic complicitée speaking of the Ugandan government in the rebel war against the Rwandan government and the presence of surface-to-air missile SAM 16, the newest design.
Rwanda: Situation militaire et politique
A note to the President of the Republic of France informing him about the situation in Rwanda with the arrival of French military, the political situation and their communication to the United Nations.
Rwanda: Sécurité des ressortissants français
A note to the President of the French Republic informing him measures taken regarding the security situation of French citizens in Rwanda.
Règlement De Police
Letter addressed to the Minister of the Interior and Communal Development regarding increased security measures in Kigali.
Récrutement Des Jeunes Pour L'autodéfense Populaire
This is a letter to the prefect of Gikongoro by the army commander in Butare, informing him that there should be recruitment of young people for self-defense.
Réunion Interministérielle Française Sur le Rwanda
A note addressed to the President of the French Republic in which they discussed the position of France on the diplomatic front in Rwandan politics and constraints that Rwandan army forces had to stop the RPF troops.
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Situation au Rwanda et la demande du président rwandais.
Note addressed to the President of the Republic of France providing some information on the situation in Rwanda.
Situation redevenue calme au Rwanda
Note to the President of the Republic of France explaining to him the situation in Rwanda, the possible withdrawal of some French military operating in Rwanda.
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Telegramme de Préfet Kayishema Clément Adressé au Ministre de Défense
A telegram sent to the Minister of Defense by Dr. Clement Kayishema, prefect of Kibuye, informing him that civilians are ready to begin cleaning in the area of Bisesero for their self-defense. For the implementation, Kayishema asked for a formal order and ammunition enabling them to complete the job.
Turquoise : Témoignage Des Responsables Politiques
This is a compilation of correspondences between the French dignitaries, concerning Operation Turquoise in Rwanda.
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Turquoise – Notes Du Ministère Des Affaires Etrangères : Réunion Du 13 Juillet 1994
These are the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs internal memos concerning Operation Turquoise activities carried out by French soldiers in Rwanda.
Télégramme adressé au Ministre de la sécurité intérieur; envoye par le Préfet de Kibuye, Dr Kayishema
A telegram sent to the minister of internal security by Dr Kayishema, the prefect of Kibuye, reporting on the events that took place in that area, how they were treated, also asking for more military support to better ensure the population safety.
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Une Letrre le Président François Mitterand Addressée au Président Bill Clinton
A note from French President François Mitterrand addressed to the President of the United States of America, Bill Clinton suggesting the active support of the United States to a prompt decision of the Security Council in favor of sending a UN force Rwanda.
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Working Group Formation to Deal with the Situation in Kigali and Bujumbura
On April 7th, Secretary of State Warren Christopher established a 24-hour working group concerning the unfolding situations in Kigali and Bujumbura (led by Prudence Bushnell). The task force concluded its work on April 15th, following the evacuation of American citizens and the closure of the U.S. Embassy.