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Les « refoulés » du Burundi hésitent à regagner leur pays
An article published by AFP on change within the government of Burundi with the coming majority of Hutu, and yet refugees placed in camps in the South of Rwanda do not want to return.
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Habyarimana élu pour la 3ème fois
An article published by AFP on the presidential elections in Rwanda in which Habyarimana was elected to his third term.
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Le Rwanda Déstabilisé Par Une Guerre Ethnique
An article published by AFP referring to the request for a military intervention to Belgium, the former colonial power, as soon as the Rwanda recognized the launch of a major offensive by rebels.
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Rwanda: La France Va Envoyer des Armes et des Munitions au Rwanda
An article published by the Agence France-Presse (AFP) announcing that France was going to send arms and ammunition to the Rwandan government as military aid following a request by the Rwandan government.
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