Genocide Perpetrators' Confessions


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Title:Genocide Perpetrators' Confessions
Sequence:2 of 2
Abstract:The Gacaca Court testimonies of perpetrators of the Genocide Against the Tutsi were recorded by the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Kigali, Rwanda. The testimonies are confessions given by prisoners which reveal the horrible atrocities committed against innocent people during the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi and detail the way that victims were tortured and killed. Finally, the genocide perpetrators offer apologies to the survivors, Rwandan society and the Government of Rwanda for their crimes. The proceedings are in Kinyarwanda.

Continues from Part 1 of the Genocide Perpetrators' Confessions.

Dock windowTable of Contents
Mbonabucya Vincent's confessions
Bugingo Jean Baptiste's confessions
Ngirabanzi François's confessions
Murwanashyaka Innocent's confessions
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How a big crowd of tutsi got attacked by the killers
Members of the assaults: local leaders, peasants, policemen and Burundian refugees
Weapons used to kill tutsis: stones, machetes, spears, bows, guns, grenades and clubs
Mbonabucya got five tutsis killed on his account in the beginning of genocide
Mbonabucya participated in an assault that killed an old woman and two children
One of the children got scalped before being killed
How Bugingo and his father delivered a tutsi to the killers
Ngirabanzi and accomplices killed a man by machetes
Many tutsis killed by Ngirabanzi in the plain
A woman killed at the roadside and thrown into the hole
Ngirabanzi killed a family's friends because he was a tutsi
Apologies to all especially to genocide survivors
Murwanashyaka and accomplices assassinated two women
He killed also the fugitive people from Runda commune and some neighbors
Murwanashyaka and accomplices killed a tutsi before sharing some beer with him
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Mbonabucya Vincent (killer) fils de Simbizi Augustin (killer) et de Nyirakimonyo Laurence
Gahutu Zéphilin, Karangira Sévérin Habimana Sylvère Ngendahayo Jean Marie Vianney killers)
Twagiramungu François ( former Bourgmester of Mugina)
Batakanwa, Baguma Pierre Céléstin (killers)
Diocrèce, Nsabimana Félicien, Kayihura, Martin (killers)
Habimana (victim)
Kayitana (victim)
Habiyakare François, Twahirwa Florin alias Perefe (killers)
Nzabarinda (killer)
Manassé, Spéciose (victims)
Mahinja fils de Kinani (victim)
Akobamfitiye Saidi, Nzabirinda Jacques (killers)
Rusingizandekwe (killer)
Bugingo Jean Baptiste (killer) fils de Sebunkima Lazarre (killer) et de Nyiragutoragurwa Marie
Karamuheto Diogène (ordinary man)
Habimana Jean Baptiste (victim) fils de Kagabo Claver et de Mudede Esperance
Cyama fils de Kagemangango (killer)
Ngirabanzi François (killer) fils de Ndangiza Fabien et de Mukarugina Mélanie
Sakindi (victim)
Musabyimana Emmanuel, Musonera Edmond, Kanyarengwe Alexis, Nduhuye (killers)
Tungabose Thomas (victim)
Bizimana Félix, Ntawuruhunga, Samvura, Gatabazi, Sebarindwi (killers)
Ruziterurira (killer)
Gatabazi Damascène, Samvura Martin (killers)
Nyirinkindi Froduard fils de Kamonyo (killer)
Rutakamizi (victim)
Kabagenza Bénédicte (killer)
Murwanashyaka Innocent (killer) fils de Nzabakurana Emmanuel (killer)et de Mukaruhama Prisca
Simpunga Mussa, Nyandwi (killers)
Mukagahutu Léoncie, Kasine Agnès (victims)
Muganantagara Boniface, Ritararenga Narcisse (killers)
Saidi, Malachie, Karangwa Callixte (killers)
Kanani (victim)
Gasigwa Boniface, (killer)
Gahutu Damien, Hitimana Gaetan (Gahutu's brother), Vénantie (Gahutu's wife), their two children and two unidentified men (victims)
Nsabimana Théonèste, Sebuturo Martin, Ntaganda, Habimana Léonard (killers)
Musabyimana Gérard, Hasabwimana, Rwambibi Martin (killers)
Murara (it is not clear whether he is a victim or a killer but there were a mass-grave at his home)
Mubera Jean (victim)
Kagina Aloys, Mujyanama Céléstin, Bicagu (killers)
Kayitare (a pub's owner)
Nzamwita fils de Kamegeri, Rwagatera (killers)
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Mugina commune, Cyeru sector, Mataba cellule
Musambira, Runda, Ntongwe
At the Parish
Mugina commune, Cyeru sector, Cyeru cellule atually Ruyumbu District
Runzenze cellule actually Ruyumbu District
Mukinga sector
Rutare in Kiyonza sector
Plain of Akanyaru river
Ngoma sector
Kanywiriri cellule, Nyamiyaga sector, Bumbogo cellule
Runda commune, Masaka
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