Genocide Perpetrators' Confessions

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Mark Segment
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Table of Contents 
  •  Mburenumwe Séverin's confessions 
  •  Rugaruka Donat's confessions 
  •  Ngamijimana Swaibu's confessions 
  •  Burasanzwe Céléstin's confessions 
  •  Havugimana Protogène's confessions 
  •  Mugabonake Emmanuel's confessions 
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  •  Séverin's telling story of the malicious crowd organization 
  •  Donat's confessing his responsibility in murdering a man named NDAMUKUNDA with a club 
  •  Story of the mass-shootings 
  •  Donat's helping in killing of two old woman 
  •  Murdering four people with accomplices 
  •  Searching for ''inyenzi'' to kill them with machetes and spears 
  •  Swaibu's accusing Donat of omitting some deeds as his accomplices 
  •  Swaibu pretends to be better in confessing than Donat is 
  •  How local leaders planned and implemented the killings 
  •  Swaibu's views on how confessions should be 
  •  Céléstin's confessing in killing of two old women with clubs and machetes 
  •  Protogène's describing the scene the two women being killed 
  •  Protogène also accuses Donat of deforming the truth 
View People 
  •  Kijuguli Karera, Nyandwi Mathias (killers) 
  •  Mburenumwe Séverin (killer) fils de Mutigaya sylvère et de Nyirabeza Léoncie 
  •  Gahinda Forodo, Nyandwi, Matafali, Matafali's brother-in law, Siméon, Habarurema, Habimana fils de Gatorano (killers) 
  •  Vianney fils de Barnabé (killer) 
  •  Marie, Béatrice (victims) 
  •  François Chombé (ordinary people) 
  •  Abdallhaman (ordinary people) 
  •  Vianney (ordinary people) 
  •  Rugaruka Donat (killer) 
  •  Ndamukunda Thacien (victim) 
  •  Akimana Domina épouse de Habiyambere Céléstin (victim) 
  •  Mwanankundi Aloys (killer) 
  •  Munyampirwa, Niyoyita Berckimas, Claver (killers) 
  •  Muligande (victim) 
  •  Kanyonga Virginie (victim) 
  •  Nyiransekuye (victim) 
  •  Nsababera Silas (victim) 
  •  Twagirayezu Jean (killer) 
  •  Burasanzwe, Havugimana, Munyankindi Vénuste, Claudien Sindarimenya, Ngaruyinka (killers) 
  •  Mvomanyi, Bagirisano, Sibomana Joseph, François Nsabimana, Niyonzima Claver (killers) 
  •  Kalisa, Alfred, Louis and an unknown man (victims) 
  •  Niyoyita Louis (former Rwanda Armed Forces), Habarugira (former customs' officer) 
  •  Mukunzi, Ntawugashira, Macumu alias Mushatsi, Kamegeri, Kayitare, Gakumba, Ngamije, Mugabo, Musemakweri (killers) 
  •  Kabarira, Paul Ibambasi (ordinary people) 
  •  Ngamijimana Swaibu (killer) 
  •  Kamondo Laurent (victim) 
  •  Akayezu (former Bourmester), Nyandwi Justin (former Bourmester), Kalisa Martin (former Deputy Bourmester) (genocide planners and perpetrators) 
  •  Nyirasoni Drocelle (Rugaruka Donat's wife and killer) 
  •  Havugimana Protogène (killer) 
  •  Mugabonake Emmanuel (killer) 
  •  Janvier, Selemani (killers) 
  •  Ndahimana Albert (Rubereti) (victim) 
  •  Eugène, Gakumba (victims) 
  •  Mudahunga (killer) 
View Places 
  •  Musambira sector, Rubanga cellule 
  •  Nyarutovu 
  •  Mu cyakabiri 
  •  Kamayanja 
  •  Nyamabuye 
  •  Kayumbu 
  •  Nyamurembure 
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Title:Genocide Perpetrators' Confessions
Description:The Gacaca Court testimonies of perpetrators of the Genocide Against the Tutsi were recorded by the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Kigali, Rwanda. The testimonies are confessions given by prisoners which reveal the horrible atrocities committed against innocent people during the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi and detail the way that victims were tortured and killed. Finally, the genocide perpetrators offer apologies to the survivors, Rwandan society and the Government of Rwanda for their crimes. The proceedings are in Kinyarwanda.


Continues from Part 2 of the Genocide Perpetrators' Confessions.