Genocide Perpetrators Confessions


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Title:Genocide Perpetrators Confessions
Sequence:1 of 3
Abstract:The Gacaca Court testimonies of perpetrators of the Genocide Against the Tutsi were recorded by the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Kigali, Rwanda. The testimonies are confessions given by prisoners which reveal the crimes committed during the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi and detail the way that victims were tortured and killed. Finally, the genocide perpetrators offer apologies to the survivors, Rwandan society and the Government of Rwanda for their crimes. The proceedings are in Kinyarwanda.

Continues with Part 2 of the Genocide Perpetrators' Confessions.

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Dock windowTable of Contents
Murihano Thadée' s confessions
Nkundintwari Bonaventure's confessions
Nzarigezahe Emmanuel's confessions
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How Thadée got involved in killings
Being forced to participate in killings
Harassment made to Thadée for entailing him in killings
Two choices given: to kill or to be killed
Murdering old women
Bonaventure as a member of an assault that killed tutsis
Drowning tutsis in Nyabarongo river
Murdering an unknown man
Gathering to trap tutsis
Psychological torturing people before killing them
Bonaventure's giving up his accomplices
Testimony on an eye-witnessed killings
Demolishing houses
Mass-drowning of tutsis
A tutsi discovered, tortured drowned in Nyabarongo river
Emmanuel killed a tutsi named Buregeya and threw him into the pit latrines
Other two people drowned into river by Emmanuel
Confessions of five children killed by Emmanuel and his accomplices
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Murihano Thadée (killer)
Pélage Uwimana (killer)
Higiro (killer)
Antoine fils de Kajeguhakwa, Kanyandekwe, Karengera Pascal, Hitimana Thomas (victims)
Mazimpaka (ordinary people)
Rugamba Bonaventure, Banzarigezahe, Munyandamutsa, Barigwiragahungu, Gatozi, Mushumba (killers)
Sebushishi (ordinary people)
Nkusi Pierre Céléstin (ordinary people)
Nyakanimba Boniface (victim)
Uwimana Suzanne (ordinary people)
Nyirabugizi (victim)
Nkundintwari Bonaventure (killer)
Musabyimana Narcisse, Hategekimana Juvénal (killers)
Karasankima Claver (victim)
Murekezi Félicien (killer)
Kajeguhakwa (victim)
Musabyimana Emmanuel fils d'Alfred, Baribwira, Kanyamibwa, Cassette, Nzovu (killers)
Candide (victim)
Mwanayire Béata (survived victim)
Kalisa, Kazehe, Claver (killers)
Ntawugashira (killer)
Simwakwe, Rurangwa (victims)
Baribwira mwene Majimbiri (killer)
Munyabarame Shadrack (killer)
Mugwere Apollonie et ses enfants (victims)
Jean Serudonyori (killer)
Rutura Munyaneza (killer)
Rurangwa fils de Nkubitabigwi, Gashumba, Hitiyaremye Emmanuel, Jean de Dieu Kalisa (killers)
Nzabandora Théophile, Rutayisire Claver, Munyandamutsa Théonèste (killers)
Lizembe fils de Kalisa Michel (victim)
Mucumaringa thérèse (traitor)
Nzarigezahe Emmanuel (killer)
Bizazane, Munyanziza (killers)
Nkurikiyinka (victim)
Cyllile (victim)
Barigira Thomas, Gahutu Théodore, Munyeragwe, Nyamucahakomeye Ildephonse (killers)
Rwakarigamba Thadée (victim)
Buregeya (victim)
Mubera (killer), Bizimana (soldier)
Kamana, Kanyandekwe (victims)
Kayitare, Gérard (killers)
Mbananabo (ordinary people)
Mukarwego et ses enfants (victims)
Munyentwari, Bagweneza Xavier (killers)
Triphonie et son enfant (victims)
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Kamonyi District, Kigese Sector, Bikamba Cellule
Butamwa commune, Mwendo sector, Ruriba cellule
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