Genocide Perpetrators' Confessions


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Title:Genocide Perpetrators' Confessions
Sequence:2 of 2
Abstract:The Gacaca Court testimonies of perpetrators of the Genocide Against the Tutsi were recorded by the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Kigali, Rwanda. The testimonies are confessions given by prisoners which reveal the horrible atrocities committed against innocent people during the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi and detail the way that victims were tortured and killed. Finally, the genocide perpetrators offer apologies to the survivors, Rwandan society and the Government of Rwanda for their crimes. The proceedings are in Kinyarwanda.

Continues from Part 1 of the Genocide Perpetrators' Confessions.

Dock windowTable of Contents
Kamana Ernest's Confession
Ndamage Philius' Confession
Sharayintwari Wellars' Confession
Mugaragu Emmanuel's Confession
Munyampirwa Léostache's Confession
Munyankaka Jean Bosco's Confession
Rugirangoga Tharcisse's Confession
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The Genocide Started by Spreading Rumors
The Death of a Teacher in Gacurabwenge Town
We Killed 'Inyenzi'' (Cockroaches) with Our Clubs
Working with Soldiers to Kill ''Inyenzi''
Victims Killed by Hoes and Thrown in Mass Graves
Two Children Thrown Alive into the Latrines
I Killed an Old Man and I Apologize for That
Atrocities We Committed with My Accomplices
Local Authorities' Operations to Prepare People for Killings
Everyone's Responsibility in Killing Tutsis
Humiliation Encountered by Victims Before Being Killed
Confessing to Killing a Family of Five Tutsis
We Killed the First One with Clubs
We Went on by Shooting the Second Victim
The Third was Their Elder Brother, We Shot Him
The Fourth one was Killed with Clubs
We Killed the Last Victim of the Give
Killings at the Shopping Market
Witnessing the Shooting of an Old Man
Dock windowView People
Kamana Ernest (killer)
Akayezu (killer and former Bourgmester)
Nyamutera (killer and former Councillor)
Mbarushimana (killer)
Jean Pierre son of Bicahaga, Ndimubanzi François, Nzamwita (killers)
Ephrem (killer)
Harera (killer)
Dusenge (killer)
Ndamage Philius (killer)
Mugabushaka Vita (killer)
Twagiramungu François (killer)
Agronome Joseph (killer)
Mabasi Bernabé, Ephron Ubizi, Kayiranga Védaste (killers)
Nyandwi son of Karekezi Jonas (killer)
Kayija Joseph (victim)
Havugimana, Kagarama, Gatete (killers)
Mico (victim)
Sharayintwari Wellars (killer) son of Rwigiri Athanase and Niyitegeka Athanasie
Mahuku Gaspard (victim)
Marc, Gasarasi (killers)
Nkurunziza Sylvestre (victim)
Kaberuka (victim)
Habimana Mathias, Mugasa, Ildephonse, Mujyambere, Gakuta (killers)
Rubendegeri son of Gashandabayita (victim)
Louis, Apollinnaire son of Ngango, Louis son of Mushokambere François (killers)
Philippe (victim)
Kimonyo son of Semakuba (killer)
Félix son of Karera Eugène (victim)
Niyonzima Claver, Bereckmas, François son of Mathias (killers)
Musabye (victim)
Mahoro (victim)
Uwanyirigira Louis son of Mushokambere François (killer)
Mugaragu Emmanuel (killer)
Laurent (role unknown)
Rugaruka (killer)
Shabani, Jafari Muhozi (killers)
Nyandwi (killer)
Karambizi (killer)
Paul (victim)
Zéphilin (victim)
Albert (victim)
Louis (victim)
Clément Twagirayezu, John, Mustapha (killers)
Munyampirwa Léostache (killer)
Ndamukunda Thacien (victim)
Félicien (killer)
Régine (killer)
Bongo Munyarubuga (killer)
Kamegeri Mustapha, Minani Baptiste son of Donat, Mwanankundi Aloys (killers)
Runga (victim)
Munyankaka Jean Bosco (killer)
Ntaganda (killer)
Paul son of Nyampeta (killer)
Simon Rwagakayiga (victim)
Ryumugabe Alphonse (killer)
Mukamusoni Colette, Gahongayire Vianney, Munyaneza Bonaventure (victims)
Belancille Nyirabagisha from Pascal's (ordinary person)
Hatungimana Emmanuel nicknamed Kirazana (victim)
Gaetan son of Rwambuga Appolinnaire (killer)
Ndibatiro Martin (victim)
Landuard, Ayub, Karambizi Stanislas (killers)
Damascène (victim)
Sendarasi Augustin, Mwerekande (killers)
Laurent (Priest)
Séraphine (victim)
Hamuduni, Mwerekande son of Bazoza (killers)
Haguma (victim)
Isaie Kayigamba (victim)
Daniel (victim)
Rugirangoga Tharcisse (killer)
Karamuka Martin (victim)
Fikiri Alphonse, Kanuma Isaac, Nyandwi Eulade (killers)
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Taba Commune
Musambira Commune
Kamayanja Cellule
Karuyenzi (Gihembe Cellule)
Kabindi ka Rukambura
Karengera Cellule
Ramba Centre
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