Genocide Perpetrators Confessions

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Table of Contents 
  •  Niyotwagira François' Confession 
  •  Umubyeyi Godelieve's Confession 
  •  Kalisa Claver's Confession 
  •  Gatare Wenseslas's Confession 
  •  Ngoga justin's Confession 
  •  Mugabonake Eurasto's Confession 
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  •  Introduction Speech on Conflict Management 
  •  The Beginning of the Genocide in the Former Taba Commune 
  •  A Grandmother Gave up Her Grandson Because of his Tutsi Origin 
  •  The Mother Encouraged the Killers to Kill Her Own Son (mentioned above) 
  •  The Aunt Offered a Hoe as a Killing Tool 
  •  Reward of 200Frw to Us (Killers) for Killing the Boy 
  •  The Torture and Decapitation of a Man Called Tugirimana 
  •  Confession of Murdering a Woman 
  •  Accomplices and I Killed a Man Called Safari 
  •  How My Father and I got Involved in the Genocide 
  •  How I Helped Murder a Man in Agony 
  •  My father Suggested that We Kill My Fiancé 
  •  My Father and Uncle Masterminded the Genocide in Our Region 
  •  The Militia Forced Me to Kill My Father-in-Law 
  •  The Killers Forced Gatare to Kill his Son-in-Law 
  •  Gatare's Little Girl was Beaten to Death 
  •  Justin's Participation in Killing His Cousin 
  •  A Tutsi Begged not to be Killed with Traditional Weapons 
  •  We Killed that Tutsi with Clubs and Machetes 
View People 
  •  Niyotwagira François (killer) son of Semucyo Festo and Kankundiye Lydie 
  •  Akayezu Jean Paul (killer and former Bourgmester of Taba Commune) 
  •  Ndimubanzi François, Bayisenge (killers) 
  •  Sebazungu (found guilty in Gacaca Courts in 2010) 
  •  Karangwa Ephrem (killer and Brigadier of Commune) 
  •  Mukabakenga, Kangabe (accomplices of killers) 
  •  Bizirema Théonèste (killer) 
  •  Kavaruganda (victim) 
  •  Gashangabe Céléstin (killer) 
  •  Nyandwi (killer) 
  •  Tugirimana Philemon son of Gakwisi (victim) 
  •  Sabuhanga (killer) 
  •  Kanani (killer) 
  •  Aaron (Kanani's brother) 
  •  Ruhumuriza Edouard, Musonera (killers) 
  •  Ntanshuti, Murenzi Vianney (killers) 
  •  Pauline (victim) 
  •  Kagande (killer) 
  •  Safari (victim) 
  •  Hakizimana François, Niyonshuti, Manassé, Damascène, Mugemana (killers) 
  •  Nsengimana son of Rwamanywa (killer) 
  •  Michel son of Munyankumburwa François, Bizimana Pierre son of Munanira, Mugabo son of Rufuriza (killers) 
  •  Bagabo Thadée (victim) 
  •  Mbarubukeye Aminadab (role unknown) 
  •  Buhigiro Paul, Damascène son of Byuma (killers) 
  •  Umubyeyi Godelieve (killer) daughter of Kangabo Vincent (killer) 
  •  Kubwimana Silas, Nzabona (killers) 
  •  Uwimana Emerthe (accomplice of the killers) 
  •  Habiyambere Claver (killer) 
  •  Gahutu (killer) 
  •  Kamana (victim) 
  •  Muyombano (victim) 
  •  Kalisa Claver (killer) son of Nibigira Silas and Urayeneza Marcienne 
  •  Kayijamahe Joseph (victim) 
  •  Nturambirwe nicknamed Kirimvi, Munyakaragwe Jean,Nyankware, Matugunyu, Fabien son of Kayitana (killers) 
  •  Nyiraneza (victim) 
  •  Savio son of Sebukayire (victim) 
  •  Habarugira (killer) 
  •  Gatare Wenseslas (killer) son of Nyagashoko Frédéric and Nyirabagenga Rosalie 
  •  Munyankindi, Byabarabandi son of Rugagi, Uwambaje son of Kalisa, Buhigiro son of Gatanazi, Kamana son of Muvuzankwaya, Munyankindi son of Kabera, Majoro son of Munyemana Straton (killers) 
  •  Mupenzi Jean Claude (victim) 
  •  Mukandekezi Dorothée (Mupenzi's wife and Gatare's daughter) 
  •  Gashumba (victim) 
  •  Bapfakurera Innocent (ordinary person) 
  •  Kamegeri (killer) 
  •  Nzabona Léonard (ordinary person) 
  •  Ngendahayo (killer) 
  •  Musabyimana Augustin son of Basabose and Nyirabagina (ordinary person) 
  •  Mukandayisenga (Gatare's daughter) 
  •  Ngoga justin (killer) son of Rwamakuba and Uwantege Marcienne 
  •  Karema Séverin (victim) 
  •  Kimonyo Narcisse, Nzabonimpa, Kagaba, Turikunkiko Sylvin, Ntakirutimana Emmanuel, Ndagijimana Samuel, Alphonse son of Semutakirwa (killers) 
  •  Alphonse, Iyamuremye François (killers) 
  •  Gasuwiti son of Kaberuka (killer) 
  •  Ugirashebuja (killer) 
  •  Mugabonake Eurasto (killer) son of Mabanzi François and Mukabaziga Marianne 
  •  Mukezamana (victim) 
  •  Hakizabera Gratien, Bucyana Martin (killers) 
  •  Gasekurume, Twahirwa, Mujyambere, Phocas (killers) 
  •  Kiboko (unknown role) 
  •  Jean son of Gaetan (role unknown) 
  •  Hakizimana Bonaventure, Issiak (killers) 
  •  Kalisa (killer) 
  •  Kayonga (victim) 
  •  Mbarushimana Marcel, Habimana Hassan (killers) 
View Places 
  •  Remera Cellule, Taba Sector 
  •  Remera Rukoma, Perpetrators' Camp 
  •  Gishyeshye Sector 
  •  Bukokora Cellule 
  •  Kayenzi 
  •  Kanyinya Cellule 
  •  Kaganga 
  •  Rugarama 
  •  Rushikiri Cellule, Murehe Sector, former Taba Commune, Kamonyi District 
  •  Runda Commune 
  •  Kigese 
  •  Rugarama Cellule, Nyamiyaga Sector, Musambira Commune 
  •  Birambo Sector, former Musambira Commune, Gatagara Cellule 
  •  Ruyumba District 
  •  Bimomwe Sector, Cyambwe Cellule 
  •  Sheli Sector, Ntebe Cellule 
  •  Bishenyi 
  •  Kamiranzovu 
  •  Bwunyu 
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Title:Genocide Perpetrators Confessions
Description:The Gacaca Court testimonies of perpetrators of the Genocide Against the Tutsi were recorded by the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Kigali, Rwanda. The testimonies are confessions given by prisoners which reveal the crimes committed during the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi and detail the way that victims were tortured and killed. Finally, the genocide perpetrators offer apologies to the survivors, Rwandan society and the Government of Rwanda for their crimes. The proceedings are in Kinyarwanda.





Continues with Part 2 of the Genocide Perpetrators' Confessions.