End Of 100 Days Commemoration 2004

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VIew Topics 
  •  Reflection on Forgiveness and reconciliation 
  •  Political Parties 
  •  Intimidation 
  •  Rescuers 
  •  Ethnic Discrimination 
  •  Killing a Woman and her children in front of my house 
  •  Attempt to be killed 
  •  Self-defence 
  •  Flight 
  •  Rescuers 
  •  Hearth care 
  •  Burying in Dignity 
  •  Reflection to genocide Ideology 
  •  Fighting the culture of impunity 
  •  Thanks to Rescuers 
  •  Hope For the Future 
  •  Giving Award to Zura Karuhimbi 
  •  Giving Award to Gisimba Damas 
  •  Action of stopping Genocide 
  •  Hope for the Future 
  •  Reflection on Justice 
  •  Genocide Ideology 
View People 
  •  Martin Luther King 
  •  Churchilll 
  •  Napoleonn Bonaparte 
  •  Gisimba Damas 
  •  Zura Karuhimbi 
  •  Gafirigi 
  •  Kagame 
  •  Gisimba 
  •  kayibanda 
  •  Gaceyeye 
  •  Habibu 
  •  Nshuti 
  •  Sentama 
  •  Habyarimana 
  •  Munyenshoza Dieudonné 
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Table of Contents 
  •  Interview with Ibuka President (Ngarambe François)
  •  Reflection on forgiveness 
  •  One minute for remembering 
  •  Prayers
  •  Prayer of Muslims' Representative 
  •  prayer of Adventist church Representative 
  •  Prayer of Catholic Church Representative 
  •  Prayer of Protestant Church representative 
  •  Testimony of Genocide Survivor, Mukamusangwa Rose 
  •  Genocide Period Experience
  •  Being saved at Gisimba Orphanage 
  •  Thanks to Rescuers
  •  Testimony of Rescuer (Gisimba) 
  •  Testimony of Rescuer (Sura Karuhimbi) 
  •  Speech of Ibuka president
  •  Thanks to Government of Rwanda 
  •  Songs of Munyenshoza Dieudonné And Eric 
  •  Speech of Primer Minister( Makuza Bernard) 

Title:End Of 100 Days Commemoration 2004
Description:The commemoration ceremony of the end of 100 days remembrance of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. This ceremony took place at Kigali Genocide Memorial in 2004 and was recorded by the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Kigali, Rwanda. 
Source:Kigali Genocide Memorial
Time period:Rwanda 2003 (September 12) – present
Repository:Genocide Archive of Rwanda

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