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Title: EXPLOSION DE MINES, à NYANZA, le 25 février 1993
Author: Association Rwandaise pour la défense des droits de la personne et des libertés publiques - MUJAWAMALIYA Monique, Secrétaire Permanente
Date: 1993-03-10
Genre: Administrative
Description: Human rights report on rampant land mine explosions. The report outlines the death of RUKARA Sosthene. His van rolled over a mine and he was killed, two kilometers away from Hanika Secondary School in Nyanza. French soldier expertise concluded that the RPF/Inkotanyi were responsible for laying the mines.
Location: Kigali
Pages: 3
Language: French
Repository: Kigali Genocide Memorial
Call Number:
Identifier: ibuka_doc_00015.pdf

* Special Note: It was common for the French to blame the RPF/Inkotanyi of committing crimes that they never actually committed.

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