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Assisted Resilience
Assisted resilience refers to a set of initiative activities that are undertaken by psychologists or mental care providers in order to help their patients or clients cope with the life changes and achieve their post traumatic growth.
Placing genocide in context: research priorities for the Rwandan genocide
Prior to 1994, the country of Rwanda was little known outside the limited circle of African studies scholars. A reference to Rwanda in a conversation, such as a small land locked country with few natural resources and no strategic importance, was likely to be met with blank stares. The 1994 genocide, however, has bestowed on Rwanda a new notoriety.
Post Genocide Rwanda: The Changing Religious Landscape
A research paper that seeks to examine the proliferation of Pentecostal Churches and the changing religious landscape of Rwanda.
Self-reliance is defined as relying on oneself or one's own efforts and abilities rather than those exerted or provided by other people. Some synonyms of self-reliance include independence, self-dependence and self-support.
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